by Brad Gant

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I study at the Suzuki Music Institute?

Dr. Suzuki

Co-Director Tina Hunting Gant with Dr. Suzuki

A: We approach the child as a whole person and offer lessons as a means not only to learn music but also to develop character. Through ensembles and performances, we foster an attitude of support and achievement. We are members of the Federation of Music Clubs, the Orlando Music Club and the National Piano Guild and actively support student participation in local competitions. But music education isn’t solely about competitions, we create a nurturing environment that helps students become great artists and find the joy of music-making. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons to support their child because we believe in a student/teacher/parent partnership.

Q: Should I study Suzuki or traditional methods?

A: We offer both traditional and Suzuki methods. The advantage of the Suzuki method is that students as young as 3 years old can begin to study an instrument at an early age. Music reading is postponed until the child’s aural and instrumental skills are developed in the same way a young child learns to speak before they read and write. Performance classes enable students to learn from each other through listening to each other play the same Suzuki repertoire which consists of actual classical compositions by the great masters.

For the older student ages 7 and up, traditional methods that incorporate a balanced approach to reading music, aural development and technique are most often the preferred approach. At the Suzuki Music Institute, unlike other schools and private teachers, we offer group lessons that help students accelerate learning through peer interaction.

Q: Do I need a piano?

A: To get the full benefit of studying piano, you should purchase or rent a piano instead of a digital keyboard. While some digital keyboards are touch sensitive with weighted keys, many are not and will not provide the same physical experience as an actual piano keyboard. Even those instruments that are touch sensitive are limited in the depth of the tone that is produced due to limited speaker systems on the actual instrument. If you absolutely must purchase a digital keyboard due to financial limitations, consider getting a Yamaha Clavinova or similar make and model with an external speaker.

Q: Where can I rent a string instrument?

A: We have a limited inventory of instruments available for rent. We also can recommend some other companies that rent and sell instruments to you.

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