Piano Lessons

Brad Gantpiano lessons runs the piano department at the Suzuki Music Institute and teaches piano lessons and group classes. He teaches children as young as five and adults; he has beginners and advanced students.


Brad taught in the highly regarded community music school system in the Boston area as well as on the faculty of the Community Music School at Rollins. He is a graduate of the esteemed Eastman School of Music (Rochester, NY) and the New England Conservatory of Music (Boston, MA). Currently, Minister of Music at the Church of the Good Shepherd, he plays violin and piano duos with his wife regularly throughout the United States.

Teaching Approach

Brad teaches music as a language and believes in the development of the whole child. He integrates ear training, technique, note reading and performance into his teaching. Brad is a nurturing and kind teacher. Through encouragement and discipline, he brings out the best in each student. Ultimately, his goal is to develop the lifelong appreciation of music in addition to performance excellence.

piano performancePerformance

Because performance is an important part of a student’s development, students participate in the Junior Festival sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs. In addition, the Suzuki Music Institute has recitals three times a year. Lastly, Suzuki students are encouraged to play as a group in community outreach events at assisted living facilities and community festivals.

Piano Lessons and Group Classes

In addition to weekly private lessons, group classes are held weekly and students are encouraged to attend. In a group setting, students learn from each other and are inspired. Regular performance classes produce students that are confident and accelerates student learning.

Suzuki Music Institute

For over 35 years, the Suzuki Music Institute has developed the musical talents of students. Located at 351 Lake Avenue in Maitland, FL, The Suzuki Music Institute is accessible from I-4 and 17-92.

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